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This FREE guide walks you through EVERYTHING you need for your new PUPPY plus....

This FREE guide 
walks you through 
you ne
ed for your new 
PUPPY plus....


  • What to have PREPARED and handy to keep your puppy safe and resting well

  • Items you’ll need to make leash training successful

  • 5 Essential items you can buy on a budget- including a video walkthrough!

  • Best 4 Tips to be a successful pet parent

  • Plus 7 BONUS items you can put on your wish list to really pamper your pup

Created by a Certified Dog Trainer
Who is a dog owner like you!

Sarah was that kid growing up who was always bringing home strays and begging her mom to let her keep them.  Ever do that? Thankfully, her folks typically said yes and she grew up surrounded by animals.

Until she began volunteering at the San Diego Humane Society and what was the onset of her training career in 2001, she didn’t realize there was a different way to train and build a great relationship with her pets. She had only known traditional, punishment-focused training.   Enter positive, kind and humane training!

Sarah successfully uses positive reinforcement training not only with the hundreds of rescue dogs she’s helped but but also trains her goats, chickens, cats, and indoor rescue pet pig, Toby. Also included in the benefits of a relationship built on trust and joy is her mini-herd of horses: Lily, Stormy, and even Whinnie and Mahoney, both rescues. 

She strongly believes in the benefits and effectiveness of positive training, and allowing our pets to have an equal role in the training process. This was the inspiration for the business name: Get Pawsitive.

Get Pawsitive helps dog owners all over the world through the online Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy and the monthly Pawsitive Training Club. 

Sarah has helped thousands of pet owners over the years learn how to bring out the best and have an amazing long-lasting relationship with their dogs through her pawsitive training approach. 

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What others are saying about The Ultimate Puppy Guide

Melissa & Harley

"The puppy guide was amazing and so helpful! It’s been 15 years since I had a puppy and had no clue where to start. The guide had everything you need to start your puppy out right with easy-to-click links! I was able to have all we needed before we brought our puppy home! This was the most helpful tool for us when starting out with a new puppy!"

Dr. Hoffman, DVM

“I love puppy patients! But I never seem to have enough time to go over everything new puppy parents need to know. That’s why I make sure all my clients with new pups get Sarah’s Ultimate Puppy Guide! It’s chock full of fantastic advice, from house training to socialization to feeding and everything in between. Every new puppy parent should have this resource!”

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