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The Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy Self Study

Join The Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy and receive: 

✅ Self-paced puppy training program with a proven 7-step framework to follow

✅ Lifetime access

✅ Step-by-step recorded video tutorials and training of how-to exercises you can access 24/7

✅ Reading resource library

✅ Homework checklist and printable worksheets so you can stay on track and remain accountable

✅  A foundation of focus, attention, and calmness through a variety of fun training exercises online that will prepare your puppy for the new world!

✅ All the tips, tricks, and secrets I share with my private clients! I leave nothing out!

✅ Guidance along the way to help bring out the best in your new family member so that you can have an amazing relationship built on trust and joy.

The Top 25 Interactive Teaching Toys For Your Dog: Take the guesswork out and discover the best brain games for your puppy so you can have a well-rested and smart puppy with this resource.  Plus, 5 simple DIY food puzzles you can create for your pup. 

The Socialization Checklist:  An organized resource to reference to ensure you're introducing your puppy to all the necessary things as he grows up.

The Puppy Biting Guide:  Nix the sharp teeth on your hands and pants by learning why your puppy is biting and may need to bite!

Stop the Jumps:  The 5 Top Tips guide to help you reduce the unwanted jumping

The Magic Mat course: Access this course alongside the Academy to help focus on teaching your puppy how to go to his special place rather than barking, jumping, and whining at you.  In this course. you will master the power of my proven Magic Mat method so that your puppy can learn to self-calm and relax on his own. 5 Lessons filled with videos, tutorials, and complimentary worksheets to keep you on track. This is jam-packed with extra tips and tricks to help you help your puppy to be the best relaxed puppy ever! 

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