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Magic Mat Method Program

5 jam-packed lessons filled with videos, tutorials, and worksheets to teach you how to begin to master the power of my proven Magic Mat method. Get started now to get more freedom during those most hectic times with your dog when you just need a break. When you complete the program, your dog will be more eager to self-calm and relax on his own:

  •  In the kitchen
  •  When guests visit
  •  In the office
  •  At the Vet's
  •  At the local coffee shop
  •  Watching tv
  •  Taking a shower
  •  and more... 

Get the training tools now you need for a well-behaved dog.


You'll also receive my 3-step framework to train your dog more successfully. Stop feeling disappointed and frustrated by your dog and start feeling more equipped to have him be the best he can be with the Magic Mat Method!


What Others Are Saying about the Magic Mat Method:

The relax on the Magic Mat is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me on earth. When things get chaotic around Sassy, she will regularly just lay down at my feet and wait. Her focus is on me, she's mellow and she handles it.

Rachel & "Sassy"

One afternoon, we were at the really crowded bar with tons of kids and tons of dogs and she sat quietly at my feet on her Magic Mat the whole time and this young man came up to me and asked a little bit about Karli and he said "I have a dog just like her but I can't bring her to places because she's not well behaved like yours"…It was such a shining moment for me!

Jayshree Gerkin & "Karli"

I was in the waiting room and she immediately defaults down on her Magic Mat, which was just incredible for me to see that a puppy about 9 mo age could actually self-calm and not be stressed in a public place and not be barking and jumping and going after other people.

Maria Perry & "Olivia"