The Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy

Effective training to get the well-behaved puppy of your dreams!


You know you want a happy, relaxed puppy who behaves so you can enjoy YOUR puppy like you imagined.

But why does it feel like such a struggle!? When you walk in the door after a long day or hang out with your puppy you end up feeling like:

🐾 "I'm frustrated that my arms and legs and every object in my house have become ongoing chew toys."

🐾 "I'm tired of not getting a full night's sleep."

🐾 "I'm frustrated with having to wipe up pee spots and stinky, smelly poop accidents every time I turn around."

🐾 "Tired of being ambushed when I'm trying to eat or shower in peace."

🐾 "Why is she barking at everything!?"

🐾 "I feel like this jumping up on everyone and everything is never gonna stop."

Really, it's beyond frustrating. You're smart. You're on top of things. You know you have a smart puppy who can be everything you want him to be.  But right now he's driving you crazy.  Now you have to figure out how to train that sweet ball of fur to get the well-behaved puppy you know is hidden in there somewhere.

Imagine what it's going to be like when...

✅You welcome friends and family over and your puppy refrains from barking and jumping wildly at them as they enter.

✅You prepare and enjoy your meal peacefully while your puppy relaxes calmly and quietly nearby. 

✅Your puppy chooses his own appropriate chews and toys and your house goes back to normal. 

✅You get a full night's sleep and wake up to zero potty messes. 

✅Friends ask to come hang out at your house because your puppy is so much better behaved than their own.

✅You finally can enjoy sitting with your child on the rug together with a calm, relaxed puppy as you read your favorite book.

It is ALL possible with my Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy. I'll show you how!

"I didn't realize that the training would up the level of bonding we would have with our dog and enrich the relationship so much, and that's what we got from Get Pawsitive."

Jayshree Gerken
Dog Mom to Karli

"The relax on the Magic Mat method is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me on earth. When things get chaotic around Sassy, she will regularly just lay down at my feet and wait. Her focus is on me, she’s mellow and she handles it."

Rachel Heald
Dog Mom to Sassafras

"This course is so easy to fit into a busy schedule. Sarah is an excellent coach who really takes the time to understand and explain where you may need to make some changes."

Shannon Roberts
Dogmom to Waylon & Willie


    I created the online Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy when I realized that so many new puppy owners were struggling with the nipping, potty accidents and puppies just not listening. These puppy owners would try to look for answers in their favorite dog magazines, youtube or ask for feedback in their local Facebook dog training 101 groups, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed in an organized roadmap. And I’ve studied this problem for over 17 years and have found the solution! Here’s how using this service has positively impacted my own life.

    As a child I tried to save as many animals as possible. I'd bring kittens home and beg my parents to let me keep them (they always said yes). In 2001 I found myself jobless and wanted to give back to the animal community through volunteering a the local shelter. It was there where my eyes were opened to the power of allowing your dog to play an equal role in training through safe, force-free and humane methods.

    Years later I now mentor and coach volunteers to work with shelter dogs. I’ve taught 1000s of puppies and owners how to create a happy, loving household with their dog.  I've earned and maintain several professional certifications which are highly regarded in the dog training world. (KPA-CTP & CPDT) I also train other species like cats, chickens, pigs, horses and goats using these same methods so I know that if it can work for them, it can work for your puppy!


Here's how it works...


"The Academy is not a one size fits all program, it is a program that fits all sizes! The Academy lets me learn on my time, at my pace, and in the way a student learns best ... visually, verbally, physically, silently - or all of them. " - Ann Collins, Puppy Academy Graduate

Effective and easy-to-implement tips to train your puppy using positive techniques

Video trainings delivered by an expert puppy trainer (me!)

Pawsitive support and encouragement as you learn the best methods for training your puppy

A community of other puppy owners cheering you on 

What other puppy owners are saying...


Here's the Breakdown of What You'll Learn Inside the Program:



  • Learn to how to help your puppy to stop having accidents so you can finally get rid of those pee pads 
  • Learn how to create a successful tracking schedule
  • Create a success station for safety to minimize accidents
  • Learn the proper way to teach your puppy to go potty on command
  • Crate training revealed: tips and tricks so that your puppy loves his crate




  • Discover and learn how to recognize when your puppy may be stressed or overwhelmed
  • The BEST PRACTICES for training your puppy that will help to reduce the stress and overwhelm
  • Learn to better understand your dog and actually speak his language
  • Understand and identify why your puppy is doing those naughty behaviors
  • Get support to discover what is truly motivating for your dog to do what you ask
  • Learn the three main ways to train your puppy using positive reinforcement
  • Practice applying my simple 3-step T.I.P. framework so that your dog listens better to what you want



  • Learn how to get a well-behaved puppy who listens through my simple exercises that will leave your puppy running to you for more
  • Learn how to put cues to behaviors you like so that your puppy responds the first time you ask
  • Enjoy simple, fun games to use to build your dog's listening muscle
  • Learn how to use a marker signal "clicker" so that your puppy's motivation to listen improves and the biting, barking and jumping lessens
  • Teach your puppy to respond better to their name and a special unique sound that only you use
  • Get new tips and tricks to help your puppy respond to your requests the first time you ask



  • Learn how to teach your puppy to choose a special  spot so that he won't jump on visitors or bother you while you cook in the kitchen
  • Learn step-by-step instructions with my proven Magic Mat Method to teach your puppy to chill out when he's not sure what to do
  • Discover ways to reduce the nipping and chewing through relaxation
  • Learn how to use my Magic Mat method out on the road at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant
  • Discover the power of teaching your puppy a relaxing chin rest behavior 
  • Practice handling exercises so that harnessing, leashing and grooming become something your puppy loves



  • Take a peek over my shoulder as I show you EXACTLY how I teach your puppy not to jump on visitors 
  • Watch your puppy's confidence grow with this simple skill
  • Accelerate how to get behavior you want without having to lure, wait for it or by making your puppy do it 
  • Learn how to use this for reposition or recalling your puppy close to you
  • Check out how fun tricks can blossom out of this fun new skill
  • Teach your puppy to ring bells for potty training with the foundation of this target behavior
  • Teach your puppy to move to their Magic Mat and relax through targeting
  • Learn how to leverage this skill to teach more useful behaviors that can last a lifetime



  • Discover how teach your puppy to walk nicely on leash without the frustrations
  • Learn what leashes, collars, harness and other training tools are the best for your pup for walking 
  • Learn the importance of teaching your puppy to stand with you on leash
  • Explore new ways to train your puppy to walk with you without going around the block



  • Discover how to make it fun for your puppy to run to you when you ask
  • Practice recall games to build a reliable response from your puppy when you need it most
  • Learn the difference between a recall and and emergency recall cue and how to apply them
  • Explore new opportunities to train your puppy's desire to run to you so that they listen better 
  • Uncover the secret to getting a reliable recall

"There are a lot of tips and videos out there, yes, but this program shows you step by step what to focus on. Get expert help and you won't be sorry. " Meghan Rainone, Puppy Academy Member


Get the skills and tools you need to have your puppy be the best well-behaved puppy ever with The Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy

Monita Kelsey with Thumbelina

Get Pawsitive dog training is truly the best training out there!! I did the online program and it has been so beneficial for both my family and our puppy. Sarah offers so many wonderful resources, personally guides you through the important steps of training and you can go at your own pace!! It was a perfect fit and made a tremendous difference in our lives and the happy life of our pup!!! We are forever grateful and always working with the skills we have learned from Get Pawsitive Dog Training."

Laura Cunz with Whoopsie & Daisy

Just do it. You will not find a better online trainer. Sarah brings with her a vast amount of knowledge and will work with you personally to achieve your goals. Every dog is different, and every person and their circumstances are different, and Sarah will work directly with your specific needs and concerns until you find a solution. The course is made up of easy to follow written material which is broken down to simple steps, weekly online meetings and access to her via a closed Facebook group. She could not be more available to you to help you to figure out this whole exhausting and confusing puppy training experience.

Kelly Callaghan with Mazie

I was overwhelmed as a new puppy owner because I did not know what to do with the dog. I had no idea where to start.....working with Get Pawsitive gave me tools to accomplish the goals I had for my dog.  It's fun to train using positive reinforcement because I see quick learning. The dog responds quickly and I can see we are making progress quickly.


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(Total Value: Priceless)

Sometimes life gets in the way! No problem. I've got you covered. You'll receive access to the recorded modules 24/7 as well as lifetime access to your program so that you can go back to the training content when its most convenient for you.



(Total Value: $97)

MUST-HAVE items during the first months of having your puppy home to make your life EASY! In this comprehensive guide, you'll also get the top 10 areas you need to be informed about and prepared in to be a successful pet parent. What everybody tells you that you need, that can absolutely wait!! PLUS: My top recommended training tools and toys and bonus items that you can add to your wish list!



(Total Value: $47)

Take the guesswork out and discover the best brain games for your puppy so you can have well-rested and smart puppy with this resource.  Plus, 5 simple DIY food puzzles you can create for your pup.


(Total Value: $199)

Master the power of my proven Magic Mat method so that your puppy can learn to to self-calm and relax on his own. 5 Lessons filled with videos, tutorials and complimentary worksheets to keep you on track. This is jam packed with extra tips and tricks to help you help your puppy to be the best relaxed puppy ever!


  • You'll be able to entertain friends and family again without the worries.
  • Taking a shower in peace with be the new norm.
  • The days of cleaning up nasty poo and pee on your rugs will be over.
  • All of the family dogs will coexist in harmony.
  • The hyper puppy biting will be a thing of the past.
  • Your children will no longer be squeaky toys for your puppy.
  • Your puppy will be able to self-calm and relax on her own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just think! You'll no longer need to choose between Billy's soccer game or going to puppy classes.

With quick bites of training at your fingertips you can pick and choose what and when you want to work on. Sessions can be 5-10 minutes just a few times per day.  Plus, think about all the time you'll get back when training becomes a CONSISTENT and FUN habit for you and your puppy and you're no longer trying to put out fires.

I love the mantra: 100% personal responsibility, 100% of the time. If you own a puppy, training is crucial during their early development stages. You can't afford NOT to spend the necessary time learning how to train your puppy PROPERLY.  If you feel like you’re too busy, that’s an exact indicator as to why you need this program right now. Your growing puppy doesn't have much time until naughty behaviors build. The program is specifically designed to help you do that as QUICKLY as possible for your puppy and with a proper plan.  Time is not on your side. For puppies, training should begin yesterday. 

Getting a new puppy is a big decision. Investing in your new puppy's training (and yours!) is a big deal and also a big step forward in your commitment to be the best pet parent for your puppy possible.  The cost of fixing a problem later behaviorally, however, is far more expensive than prevention of the unwanted behavior from occurring in the first place.  I understand it can feel a bit scary, which is why we do offer a four month installment plan so you can start for just $97 today!

Several of my students come up with creative ways to make the money needed to invest in this training program, including using some of your tax refund, re-allocating monies from your savings or a personal budget, some have even told me they've asked a family member to sponsor their puppy!  

The great thing is that the return on investment for a well-behaved puppy and a long-lasting relationship built on trust and positive training is PRICELESS. 

Every dog is different and "being trained" is determined by the definition of your own training goals.  There are never guarantees with behavior, but what drives faster results over the course of the six week program together is committing to daily, positive training sessions to teach your puppy what you do want while preventing and managing unwanted behaviors. If done this way, by the end of this  program your puppy should have the beginning foundations built so that you can move onto your next set of goals.  I give you the roadmap, training is your responsibility. Your puppy won't train himself. 


There is no guarantee with behavior however, if you believe that we didn't deliver on our promises or provide the value you expected we will provide a full refund within the first 30 days, no strings attached. 

Of course! Just email  [email protected] and someone from our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Meghan Rainone with Ragnar

Prior to starting the Pawsitive Puppy Academy with Get Pawsitive, Ragnar exhibited the typical puppy energy- bolting out of his crate, jumping on visitors, pulling on his leash, etc.  This training helped me see how I could change the way I communicate with him by keeping in mind what I want him to do.  Now he's awesome with waiting for the command before leaving his crate, his jumping has improved and so has walking together! I got more for my money with this course because I actually learned how to implement the training techniques.

Jennifer Timmers with Apollo

I enjoyed having the exercises available to print out and have in my hand.  Being able to train module by module in small spurts, on my own time, worked for us since Apollo has a short attention span.  

Shannon Roberts with Waylon & Willie

Before the program, I had no idea the rewarding what I like technique vs reprimanding also works on 4-legged babies!  This program is so easy to fit into a busy schedule and with lots of practice and patience (and a clicker!) your puppies are going to be so much better behaved!  I love that the tools given, like the Magic Mat method, are easily adaptable for any situation.  Sarah is an excellent coach who really takes the time to understand and explain where you might need to make some changes. 


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6 weeks self-study program

7 modules with step-by-step training videos

Printable exercises and worksheets

Recorded modules you can access 24/7

Lifetime access

Resource library




Positive training for your puppy is hands down the safest, most effective way to train your puppy, stress less and end those puppy owning struggles.


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